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Manifest Wealth
Through Investment

Manivest - About
Manivest is all about "Manifesting Wealth Through Investment", that means using the knowledge we give you to create wealth through intelligent financial strategy. You can do this using our 9 core values.
Core Value 01

When you don't have education, you rely solely on speculation. Investing based on speculation alone is called gambling. Soon we'll offer courses so you have the tools needed to make secure investments.

Core Value 02

Innovation is the key to progress. Great investors, like all greats throughout time, are constantly developing new and exciting ways to approach financial strategy and make investments.

Core Value 03

Proactive behavior is a MUST if you want to manifest wealth successfully. Whether you read an article or hear about a new product, you need to be proactive and identify how it could effect your trading strategy.

Core Value 04
Self Reliance

The only way to go from trading as a hobby to day trading as a career is to become independent. While you'll always have people in the community to rely on, you have to be able to make it on your own in order to achieve long term success.

Core Value 07

Some argue that having integrity while being a day trader isn't possible. We say that if you follow every core value we've laid out, and do some research into the companies and currencies that your investing in, we can trade with integrity.

Core Value 05

Being industrious means being diligent and devoted. Learning how to trade properly and implement our teaching in practice takes a tremendous amount of dedication and hard work.

Core Value 06
Team Work

Although you must be an individual trader, we here at Manivest promote a community approach to trading. Use these courses as a way to find your "Trade Team".

Core Value 08
Open Minded

Being open to new ideas, new businesses, and new methodologies, is the only we to constantly progress in your trading journey.

Core Value 09

You'll have great days where you'll pull 5 figures, and you'll have others where you'll lose 4. No matter what, you must persist. With smart, secure trades you will gain the persistence to be the trader you want to be.








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Our Courses

In Q1 of 2023 we began offering courses to help our clients who wanted to take a more active and hands on approach to their investment strategy.

Manivest Business 101

This course is to help beginner level business owners set up a business. The structure of a business is what is key to growing a strong business. With the help of our staff, Edson will be showing you the basic structure of how to set up a business with proper information. Most people get into business with the passion of if but I'll show them with their passion they must also have a plan, in order to build a successful business long term. The next step to setting up your business would be showing how to build up business credit. Once the structure of the business is set and they build credit they then can start on the journey of business 

In Q2 of 2023 we brought you two new courses. The first course dove into the intricacies of starting your own trucking business. The second course helps business owners remove inquiries on their credit.

After The Money Trucking
Dispatching Course

We are excited to introduce our latest offering, the ATM Trucking Dispatch Course. This groundbreaking program enables individuals to take charge of their truck dispatching skills and manage their trucking operations independently. Through the ATM Trucking  Dispatch Course, participants gain access to a diverse array of features, such as dispatch analysis, customized load assignments, route planning, and educational materials. Our solution provides a budget-friendly alternative to conventional dispatch services, making it accessible to a broader range of aspiring truck dispatchers. This initiative aligns with our mission to empower individuals in attaining success in the trucking industry.

Hello everyone, we are excited to present our strategic initiatives for Q3, which include two key areas:

Manivest Business 102 and Manivest Credit Solution DIY.

Manivest Business 102

Building on the success of quarter 1, our Manivest Business 102 plan focuses on further strengthening our business operations and maximizing our profitability. We will conduct a thorough review of our financials, operational processes, and market analysis to identify areas of improvement and capitalize on opportunities. We will implement strategies to optimize our pricing, inventory management, cost control, and sales channels. Our goal is to enhance our competitive advantage, increase our market share, and drive sustainable growth.

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